Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Melting, Meeeeeellllllttttinnnggggg!

Flying in on Sunday, all I could say is the isle of St. Lucia is gorgeous, green and surrounded by blue-green water that goes on forever. After landing, I quickly was rushed to the hotel, where I met one of my hosts, Sean Southey, and he asked if I wanted to start working and I was ready!

But within a few hours of meeting fun board members, and staff, I looked as if I were melting away. Truthfully, I was. I think it is going to take some time for me to get adjusted to the temperature. I mean, I am just not used to this kind of heat. It’s like humid New Orleans and humid Arkansas summers all wrapped up into one. I am just waiting for my body to adjust. Hopefully I revert back to NOLA mode… fast. Someone remarked that I looked as if I were melting.

Which leads me to wonder… what will I do if I don’t adjust. How do I face this challenge proactively?

A few options:

• Maybe I will need to stand in a baby pool at all times. Waiting to just melt into a big Sarah puddle.
• Possibly I will need to carry a full set of towels with me at all times.
• Perhaps I need to invest in clothing that wicks all the moisture from me at all times. I will be in sportswear, but I will be dry.
• Or… maybe I should just exist in the ocean. All those that reside in the ocean are already wet… so I would fit in there.

Where am I not melty? The workshop we are having with 11 country partners to work on our radio serial drama, focused on climate change. Sitting in the workshop, listening to the enthusiasm from our partners has been a gift, and our host, PCI – Media Impact, treats us so well. More to come on partners in this effort, Entertainment – Education, and island life.

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