Sunday, May 2, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow... is Judy

Meet my friend, Clinton School classmate, and overall awesome partner-in-public service, Judy Watts. First - a plug: if you want to read about some more adventures on the Lucia, read Judy's blog @

Ok, now that I have promoted the uber wonderful JWatts blog (she is a GOOD, the blogosphere should give her some kind of bloggy award), here is some more about Judy:

Favorite Number: 12. To quote Judy, "It's a dozen. A perfect dozen. And I like to bake."
Myers-Briggs type: ENFP... (I am one as well, just a different flavor of ENFP.)
Favorite Song: "If I had a Boat" by Lyle Lovett
Favorite Color: Pink. Yes, it is true. The girl loves her some pink. This beachy picture I have altered to honor Judy and her love of the pink.

She likes to bake, she loves pink - is Judy an uber Texan girly-girl in disguise...? Maybe, just maybe.

I have learned that Ms. Watts is truly undefinable, that she loves to do yoga, explore different countries, and that she is an adventure in a Judy-sized package.

What I appreciate about the Clinton School is that it brings together all kinds of people with similar cores: though Jude and I are different people, we still love people, to learn about different cultures, and are devoting our lives to serving and working towards the common good. I am lucky to have a friend here like Judy. She is balanced, caring, and overall, just fun. Where could you find Judy on any given day? At a coffeeshop, with her bff, a cup of coffee, sitting, enjoying the day, streaming some public radio and maybe reading or cruising the interwebs.

Oh... and a hidden talen she may deny? Dancing - she's a good dancer. I have proof:

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  1. Wow! Lovely pic! Also, I can't believe I missed all of these posts of yours... so hard to get caught up with you crazy kids!

    Dance it out, Judester. Dance it out.