Monday, June 14, 2010

The A-Team

"I pity the fool that doesn't read this blog!" -Mr. T

Alleyne, our supervisor on the ground, whom Judy and I have spoken about several times, is in a word: wonderful. The man is undoubtedly one of the greatest bosses I have ever had. He is kind, brilliant, inventive, and supportive. (He is also quite a calming influence on me when I get upset about, oh, I don't know... possible impending hurricanes. It helps that he has worked with/ lives with his wife, who is an actress... so he can smell drama a hundred yards off.)

Anyway, the other day, we got to see Valerie (yea!!) when she came to stay with us on her way to Dominica. We took her to work with us and had a lovely time. We also took her to several meetings we had scheduled. These meetings are helpful to my project in gathering what resources are available on the island in the area of educating youth and children about the environment, and discussing what exactly the children of St. Lucia learn about in primary and secondary schools. It is a constant thought of mine: "wow, this is a really helpful meeting to my project, hope it is helpful to Judy..." But then Judy assures me that yes, the meeting helped her see things/ assess situations/ ask questions that help her along.

I give all this background because Alleyne made a lovely comment to Valerie last week that has stuck with me. He said that anything we do, be it a meeting, a skype call, a discussion about why there isn't a recyling plant on the island (don't get me started) ... that anything we do - he considers that we do it as a team.

Well, that got me thinking.
First, I thought: a team with Alleyne and Judy! And I have been on it this WHOLE TIME! What?! I am so lucky!!
Then: wow, we would be a really good trivial pursuit team - Alleyne and Judy are SMART.
Oh, and finally: I totally agree.

We do operate as a team. The Clinton School gave me a great opportunity last year to work on my project in Newport with a wonderful team of William and Patrick. But this team is different...

Since Alleyne is our leader, we are... The A-Team? Get it?? (cue theme music:

Judy has a totally different project than I do. And she is adept at cruising all corners of the interwebs to find what she needs. She knows her evaluation and her monitoring. She can design a website, or thrill you with stories of E-E and cane toads. On our team, she is: [1.21] Jiga-Watts

Then there is me... I love some theatre, I enjoy being able to do service. I am working on a piece of this massive undertaking - the youth and children's strategy in our regional Caribbean radio community action campaign. My favorite color is yellow. In this team I am: Sarah Poppins

**Note: - Judy came up with my name - apparently I fly in and take care/ teach the children (Oh, Julie Andrews, I am honored)

Then there is Alleyne. He's the boss man down here in the field. He gets stuff done. He knows everyone. If we need anything, he is there. He is the main man, the head honcho, the Face of our operation. Most importantly, if we need anything, he makes it happen - he is magical. Alleyne is: Houdini. or Mr. President. (I couldn't decide).
See, Dr. Singhal wanted to shake his hand!!

We make a great team, the three of us. As I near the end of my time here on St. Lucia, I am thankful for Alleyne and Judy. How grateful I am for a supervisor and colleague who view my work as valuable and I view their work as innovative and vital! We have created a bit of a family here, and the trust we have amongst our group anchored my time here.

Alleyne helped navigate tricky waters and showed us the ropes. Judy is kind, funny, balanced, and supportive. I am trying to keep us moving forward, and always checking the weather report (someone has to!). I couldn't have asked for a better team; I know that after I leave, in 10 short days, this project will continue to grow and improve and adapt to the needs of the people in the region.

The Caribbean is lucky to have Alleyne on the ground. I am lucky he invited me to be on his team.


  1. Coconut water apparently fuels my work day as lattes fuel Sarah Poppins day! So where is the picture of Mr. President drinking that horrible concoction of all the soft drinks mixed together? Bleh!

    Let's kick some climate change butt today!

    -Jiga Watts

  2. Supercalifragilisticexpeialidocius!