Tuesday, June 22, 2010


In 48 hours I will be home. Well... home in Texas. So, not HOME in Arkansas, yet! I am uber excited.

I apologize, I haven't posted for a week! For shame, for shame! Judy "Writes More than Steven King" Watts and I went to the cocoa plantation, she wrote about that. And we went to the recycling place and the landfill... but she wrote about THAT. Dang, Judy got to all the good stuff first!! :)

I will bring just share with you a few highlights from my week:

Alleyne has been promising to take us on a tour of the island, and last week. He. Did. It was amazing. As we traveled around the island, I tried to calm my stomach (cause I get a bit carsick), I thought, wow. I have been here for 2 months and This island is gorgeous. We went to some spots we had been before (Dennery), but then we also went to Soufriere and stopped in Anse La Raye for their Friday Night FishFry. The people were lovely and inviting. I couldn't stop thinking that the island brought us here (LOST, anyone, anyone?) and the reason Judy and I were here, helping Alleyne with the radio drama and the action campaigns, is for everyone. It is to benefit the whole. All of the running around, trying to find the school resources that would best help the youth of St. Lucia and throughout the Eastern Caribbean - THIS is what it is all about.

It is as if we are writing the story (or a part of the story) of their future. Media Impact has entrusted Alleyne, and Judy and I are to be the authors of this part of the story. And as we visited Each part of the island, each climate change-themed chapter came more into focus. The people at the fishfry (read: food security, clean, safe oceans). The market at Soufriere (read: less litter, increased tourism). The village of Dennery (read: the vanishing habitat of the endangered white-breasted thrasher). Maria Islands (read: reserved land, not inhabitated, and therefore, home to snakes found no where else in the world).

I have lived here for over 2 months, and I was thinking: This is why people never leave. Each village and town has a personality and each an environmental structure worth preserving and protecting.

I took this while Alleyne drove us home. It is one of my favorites.

Anse La Raye. Gorgeous fishing village. (Storm rolling in.)
Caribbean Sea on the left. Atlantic Ocean on the right.

Overlooking Dennery Village. One of my favorite spots.


  1. The pictures are gorgeous! I can't believe you are almost done!

  2. LOVE the photos. You may think you're leaving on Thursday, Leer, but the island isn't done with you yet! Word of advice: stay away from creepy old women with giant pendulums swinging in a church, men who don't age, and of course smoke. ; ) Judy "Stephen King" Watts

  3. Are you sure you are leaving? Have you gotten your passport back?