Thursday, June 24, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Fuel-Propelled Flying Machine

(Judy and I on our last night in town, eating at our favorite pizza place, Key Largo.)

I'm packed. (Believe it.)

I'm up at 6 am. (what?!)

I checked my flight (on time it says!!).

I am editing my draft of my deliverable (ok... i am currently blogging, but RIGHT AFTER i post, THEN I am editing).

What in the what? I never get up at 6 to edit. I guess the Clinton School has made me a bit more prepared about life. Even the "no problem" attitude of the Caribbean couldn't erase that first year training.

I will be posting next week I imagine, as I am still writing and reflecting about my project. But as I prepare to see my family today (so excited!) and to say goodbye to Judy and Alleyne (not so happy about this part), I wanted to leave you with the look of my last few days.

Judy posted that her computer was "fired." But then, this wonderful St. Lucian who works for Dell came to our house! Have you ever seen a laptop being fixed? It's like computer surgery: he took everything apart to put it back together again. And of course... we made a video. Enjoy:


  1. holy shit that computer went to hell!

  2. Yep it did, little Debbie. On a side note: I'm thinking if this public service thing doesn't work out I'm heading to Vaudeville acting. Thoughts?